Since 2013, and building on my experiences as a (former) teacher, workshop presenter and editor of research articles, I have been providing face-to-face training in scientific writing, focusing, in particular, on aspects related to producing effective English at the word, sentence and paragraph levels, but also addressing issues related to the publication cycle, such as writing effective titles and abstracts, making effective use of tables and figures, etc.

I offer two kinds of training in scientific writing. The first is aimed at achieving the more immediate objective of getting an article accepted for publication, whereas the second option is aimed at enhancing researcher autonomy in producing research articles in English.

Coaching (for groups of 1-3 researchers)

I work directly with the author(s) in bringing a draft version of their article to the publication readiness stage. Coaching sessions cover pre- and post-session editing, final editing and proofreading of the article according to journal style requirements.

Workshops (for groups of up to 16 doctoral students and/or researchers)

An introductory presentation that reviews major IMRaD and publication issues is interspersed with practical activities aimed at reinforcing learning. Subsequent sessions focus on teaching writing skills focused mainly on key aspects of effective writing in English (placing verbs near subjects, using strong verbs, omitting needless words, making referents clear, etc).

If you are interested in discussing either of these training options, please contact me by email.

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