TranslationFrom Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese & Galician to English


What to expect from a professional translator or editor
Before reading further, it may be useful to read this text on how to choose an editor or translator.

Text types and formats


LaTex: editing only. PDF: converted to Word or plain text. 

Modus operandi

To ensure the best possible translation/edit, I need to have as much of the practical information that authors have to hand to be able to write their article in the first place. Depending on the type of text, this will include information on intended readership, where an article is to be published, any particular instructions or guidelines to be followed, the style to be applied, etc. The author should be available for consultation in the event of doubts. By arrangement, I am also available for collaborative editing with authors in person.

Ensuring quality
I focus on three key areas that ensure a quality product:
1. Ensuring that the English is clear and readable yet faithful to the message in the source text.
2. Reproducing the language used by professionals in the field.
3. Resolving doubts raised by the original text by conducting exhaustive research and consulting the author.