Attendance at the annual Mediterranean Editors' and Translators' (MET) Meeting from 2005 to 2018 (in various cities of the Mediterranean region). 

Continuous professional development (MET workshops)
* Translating art from Spanish/Catalan
* Editing literary translations: a hands-on experience inspired by MET's Sea of Words project
* An introduction to editing non-native English for application to different types of text
* Readability: 10 strategies for improving flow in translated or non-English speakers' texts
* Practical tools for improving text flow: focus on information ordering
* A genre analysis approach to translating and editing research articles
* Practical tools for improving text flow: focus on punctuation
* Righting citing: principles and strategies for editors and translators
* Managing plagiarism: an approach to dialog between authors and editors
* Communicating with your clients: a systematic approach for translators and editors
* Statistics for editors and translators
* Abstracts and the writing of abstracts
* Story factor: leveraging advanced storytelling techniques to engage and inspire
* Approaches to effective paragraphing: the topic sentence revisited
* Handling plagiarism: an interactive workshop for manuscript editors
* Anatomy, part 2: understanding the skin
* Ready, steady, edit: an introduction to editing medical texts

* Quotations in translation: a case study, 2013, International Journal of Translation and Interpreting Research.
* Acquiring or enhancing a translation specialism: the corpus-guided approach, 2008, Journal of Specialised Translation-JOSTRANS.
* Translation: a maligned profession, 17 November 2005, Catalonia Today (newspaper article written in response to an article commenting on the translation of the Estatut d'Autonomia de Catalunya).

* Translation revision: why, how and how much (with Luci Vázquez), MET Spring Workshops 2010 and 2011 (Barcelona), METM 2010 (Tarragona), METM 2011 (Barcelona), METM 2012 (Venice).
* Corpus-guided translation and editing of specialist texts (with ME Kerans & S Waller). MET Spring Workshops 2006 (Canet del Mar - Barcelona) and 2007 (Barcelona), METM 2007 (Madrid) and METM 2008 (Croatia).
* How to improve quality and output (with L Vázquez, ME Kerans, A Murray, S Waller and W Orr). MET Spring Workshops 2008 (Barcelona).

Conference contributions
* Identifying, mapping and translating the language-, identity-, and culture-related 'rich points' of a novel (with K Eddy and S Griffin-Mason). METM 2013 (Poblet-Tarragona).
* Quotations: lost in translation? METM 2012 (Venice).
* Piloting a translation revision protocol in a freelance setting (with M Savage & I Temkin). METM 2008 (Croatia).
* The Mediterranean Editors & Translators Workshop Programme. PPRISEAL. University of La Laguna, Canary Islands. 11-13 Jan 2007.

Book translations
Berguedà: la muntanya, la tradició, la taula: Cuina mil.lenari, Arola Editors, 2008.